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Preventative Healthcare Plans


The Preventative Health Plan Program was started to provide good quality preventative health care for stables in the practice. The bundled cost is less than the individual items in the program and we have found that horses seen regularly on a health plan program have less medical and emergency calls.

Basic Health Plan

Annual Tetanus , Rabies and West Nile vaccinations. De-worming four times a year. Rotational de-wormer. Brief consultations during program visits. Annual dental floating (sedation not included). *In 2024 we are only able to offer health plans for 3 horses or more at one facility and visits must be coordinated for all at the same time. Please note that if a horse moves locations, please check that you will still be in the practice area.

 A fecal examination may be substituted for a de-wormer.

Pleasure Horse Health Plan

Please note some changes below*

Annual Tetanus, Rabies, West Nile, Influenza, EHV vaccinations. Annual WEE & EEE,  vaccinations. Annual routine dental floating (sedation not included).

Deworming four times a year. Rotational dewormer. Brief consultations during program visits and insurance exam if required. A fecal examination/count may be substituted for a deworming.

New for 2024, a CBC(Complete Blood Count) blood test is now included in its place. 

Red blood cells, white blood cells, serum, platelets … veterinarians look for a lot of things when they run a blood test on your horse.

Called a combined complete blood count/chemistry profile, or CBC for short, this test’s results show what’s happening in the horse’s bloodstream at the moment the sample is drawn. While they can’t produce a perfect report stating that your horse has disease X and needs treatment Y, the various numbers, shapes, and sizes of the blood components can tell the clinician the horse is possibly anemic, losing blood, or fighting an infection or an immune-mediated disease.

*Strangle vaccine is now optional in this plan. While strangles vaccine is still recommended, it is optional and can be added on at additional expense.


The Fine Print

Other services are available, at additional cost to these programs.  Regular fees apply to all other calls (emergencies, call fees, surgeries, examinations, etc.)This is not an insurance plan but a savings on bundled preventative healthcare services. Regular medical or lameness examinations done during a health plan visit will be billed as an extra service but no call fee would apply, that is covered by the health plan when scheduled at the time of a HP visit. Plan components are transferable to new horses or if you change barns (subject to acceptance by barn management and location). Plans can be started at any time throughout the year. Call to book your first appointment today!

Plans must be paid in full prior to use of the plan at the first visit.