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DR Radiology and Digital Ultrasound

What is Digital Radiology and Digital Ultrasound

Digital radiography is a technique where X-rays are digitally transmitted to a computer. Instead of having to “develop” the film, the “captured image” can be viewed directly on the laptop on site at the stable.Urgent cases can be immediately reviewed in the case of a a critical injury. Images that are taken onsite will benefit from further reviews back at the base. As images can be viewed immediately after taking them, it can quickly be determined if additional images are needed. This eliminates trips back to the farm to take repeat views.

Digital ultrasound is invaluable for evaluating soft tissues and some bony structures, leading to diagnosis and treatment in the equine patient. As with our other digital imaging techniques, our digital ultrasound images can be emailed, copied to a CD or shared over the Internet to referral specialist for further analysis.


Endoscopy and Respiratory Evaluation

Defining respiratory disease is not always easy in the horse. a thorough physical exam and interpretation of findings will help identify the problem. Endoscopic examination of the upper respiratory system is sometimes indicated in diagnosing certain conditions.



Lameness Evaluation

Stress, strain or injury can have an effect on any horse, even one with no obvious physical or conformational defects. When lameness occurs, you should contact your veterinarian promptly. A prompt examination can save you downtime, money and frustration by diagnosing and treating the problem promptly, possibly preventing further damage. The goal of such early examinations is to keep small problems from becoming big ones.


Traditionally, lameness has been defined as any abnormality of the horse's gait. In addition, lameness can be also be manifested as a change in attitude or performance indicating pain  These abnormalities can be caused by pain in the neck, withers, shoulders, back, loin, hips, legs or feet. Identifying the source of the problem is essential to proper treatment.


Pre-Purchase Examination

An experienced veterinarian utilizes their investigative and intuitive skills to diagnose medical problems or lameness issues in the course of a Pre-purchase examination.  There is no pass or fail but this is an evaluation to determine a horse's suitability for the intended use with the buyer and their requirements in mind.

It is very important that before the examination is performed, that you communicate with us about your expectations for your new horse. With that in mind, the doctor can tailor the examination to cover important details to provide you with as much pertinent information as possible so that you can make your final decision about purchase. The ultimate decision to buy or not to buy the horse is up to the purchaser. There are several options for the pre-purchase evaluation.


  • BASIC Pre-purchase Evaluation Complete physical examination of the horse includes:
  • Investigate for any signs of previous surgeries, injuries, or conformation issues
  • Examine the eyes
  • Listen to the heart and lungs, at rest and at exercise
  • Check the mouth for congenital diseases or major dental problems
  • Physical exam including flexions
  • ADDITIONAL options and services available at additional fees:
  • Digital Radiographs (X-rays)
  • Ultrasound 
  • Blood work screening
  • Drug testing
  • Upper Airway Endoscopy
  • Written report of findings
  • Coggins test
  • Export certificates to the USA or other export destination


Laboratory Testing

  • Coggins tests
  • Export Examinations
  • Fecal flotations/egg counts
  • Succeed fecal blood testing in house for ulcers
  • CBC's 
  • Equine Profiles
  • PCR and DNA testing
  • Metabolic evaluation profiles
  • Wellness testing
  • Allergy testing

Please note:

Reproductive services are no longer able to be offered,

IE pregnancy or repro checks, AI breeding, frozen semen, foaling.